The Well of Souls (The Final Arbiter of Destiny) - Chapter 6: The People of Darkness

​The People of Darkness were made up of those who were left after The People of Light had migrated north. One group lived in the southwest territory called Rage. The People of Rage fed mostly on animal flesh or blood or each other when necessary. Its leader was Warage. This was a ferocious people with uncontrollable tempers. The people were divided and nonproductive. Stealing was rampant and fruits of the world were slight. If they didn’t feed on blood or flesh, they fed on mushrooms, fungus, and other plants of darkness. The people were infected with disease and skin sores. Their habitats were caves and piles of wood failing miserably to emulate housing. They were more like dumping grounds. Their moral values were based on rituals and the fundamental principle that the strong survive and weak are subjugated. Personal freedom was very limited and only available to those who were strong enough to take it and hold on to it.

The People of Rage originated from those who choose to subscribe to defeat, victimization, and denial. They were a people of passion who passionately excused their shortcomings by blaming others. They felt cheated by those who victoriously achieved freedom. They had little in the ways of commerce and they lived in poverty and squalor. The people survived off the others. A tyrannical society is what they became after the Great Exodus of People of Light. “At least before we had enough to eat,” was often regretfully said by those who ultimately became subjugated. “Now we starve because only those in power have enough.”

The people of the territory of Blood, in the southeast, also lived in the Region of Darkness, but only fed on blood—no animal flesh or fungus of any kind, just blood and a desire for it that was insatiable. Blood’s leader was Vamar and the people were cunning, deceptive, and witty. They could present a persona while in reality doing the exact opposite; they were experts in manipulation. Cannibalism was common and constant competition and double dealing was the norm. Each did what they could to undermine the other and gain an advantage. The strong would feed on the weak by sucking their blood up to the brink of death. The weaker people fed on the blood of wild chickens to survive and were doomed to a life of total servitude. Those who had shelter lived in tree houses. The strong ones occupied the prime high points, as height was equated to status.

Vamar was a cunning individual who spoke with great eloquence. He was good at making arguments against freedom. He proselytized others to believe that the prosperous were obligated to provide for those who had less. Of course, there were mitigating circumstances as to why this principle didn’t apply to him or his cronies. The society of Blood degenerated into a total cannibalistic tyrannical dictatorship.