• The land of caves, rage and subjugation

    This is a land where the inhabitants have ferocious tempers and incredible strength. They are driven by rituals and passion and most live in poverty and tyranny.

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  • The land of trees, blood and deception

    This land is one of sophistry, illusion and trickery. All endeavors are based on a motivation to get the upper hand. Most live in tyranny and total subjugation.

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  • The land of faith, prayer and freedom

    This land is one of focused pursuit of identity and liberty. They are well organized, live in harmony and are naturally humble.

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  • The land of work, diligence and prosperity

    This land is one of passionate pursuit of identity and liberty. They are productive, prosperous and have great accomplishments.

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  • The People of Rage

    • The People of Rage were a ferocious people with uncontrollable tempers. The people were divided and nonproductive. Stealing was rampant and their moral values were based on rituals and the fundamental principle that the strong survive and weak are subjugated.
    • If they didn’t feed on blood or flesh, they fed on mushrooms, fungus, and other plants of darkness. The people were infected with disease and skin sores. Their habitats were caves and piles of wood failing miserably to emulate housing.
  • The People of Blood

    • The People of Blood were cunning, deceptive, and witty. They could present a persona while in reality doing the exact opposite; they were experts in manipulation. Cannibalism was common and constant competition and double dealing was the norm. The strong would feed on the weak by sucking their blood
    • up to the brink of death. The weaker people fed on the blood of wild chickens to survive and were doomed to a life of total servitude. Those who had shelter lived in tree houses. The strong ones occupied the prime high points, as height was equated to status.
  • The People of Diligence

    • The People of Diligence were hard workers and very productive. They lived in the forest and mountain areas. Their houses were made of logs and fresh lumber, of which they had more than enough. Fresh meat was also readily available as the people were excellent hunters. Leather goods and furs were the makeup of the
    • citizens’ clothing, and along with lumber, much of their means of commerce. Work was a natural part of their culture. They all worked very hard and personally took great pride in their contribution to society. Many had extraordinary talents, some more than others, and the great ones of some created benefits for all.
  • The People of Prayer

    • Prayer was a fisherman’s land, with plenty of bread, wine, and fresh fish. The people thrived on the benefits of the sea and their manicured vineyards and crop fields. Their architecture was mostly stone and clay, with little heavy timber, as logs were scarce. The people were poised with a
    • strong desire and conviction for freedom. The citizens were productive and naturally unassuming people. The culture in Prayer was one that was naturally cooperative. Their cooperation and productivity formed the basis of their society, economy, and heritage.

Discover who you are in The Well of Souls

The Well of Souls

It all began at a place called The Origin, a dark place with many caves all leading in different directions. Eman and Cull are each given an endeavor, free will, and conscience and are subjected to temptations, tribulations, and trials where the outcomes of their actions develop their identity. Their motivations are their guides and one warning is given:

“Keep your eyes on the prize and do not raise your stars above it, as you will surely see defeat. Out of the depths you must arise and glory like the sun to whomever takes the prize; but he who fails will fester in darkness and solitude.”


The Pacts — Doctrines of authority and principle

  • Worship the Book of Darkness

    The Pact of Darkness includes exploitation, suppression, narcissism, despotism, deception, treachery and plunder. It forces the people to live in tyranny and  empowers the rule of a despot. To The People of Darkness the Pact is sacred. Slander of it requires a death sentence. And these principles are recorded in the Pact of Darkness. The Pact of Darkness is located on the Great Lectern in the Dark Region and worshiped like an idol.


  • Uphold the Book of Light

    The Pact of Light comprises honor, courage, justice, loyalty, honesty, determination and above all freedom. It provides for limits on government and the People of Light defend these principles that are recorded in the Pact of Light. The Pact is located on The Great Lectern in the Light Region where it represents a tribute and inspiration to the people for liberty. It is the people’s most valued possession.


The Legend of the Well of Souls

In ancient times there once were primitive people that inhabited the land. Clans warred against each other to protect their territories and food supplies. They had no government, just their clanships, keen instincts and the will to survive. And then a visitor who glowed like the sun named Eman made himself known to the people and united, organized and lead them. While he was with them he created a pact for his people that was based on freedom and the people prospered. Eman picked two leaders and bestowed the gift of prayer to the one named Haley and to another named Hunter his gift was diligence. Before Eman departed he told his people to remember that freedom was the greatest of gifts and that through freedom he would be with them always. And then Eman ascended into the sky turning it into constant sunlight and he called his followers My People of Light.

Then another named Cull broke free of his bondage and visited the land. He was tall and gaunt and a pervasive darkness exuded from him. He came from the very depths of the underworld to promote dissatisfaction and division among the people. He lured them with false cause and passion and many became fearful and bitter. Cull also chose two leaders but of darkness. Upon the one named Vamar, he imparted the black arts of manipulation and deception. And to the miscreant known as Warage, he gave an insatiable, ferocious rage. And when it came time for Cull to return to the depths, he told his people that to plunder is righteous. And Cull named his followers My People of Darkness.

With both Eman and Cull gone from the land, The People of Light and The People of Darkness were woefully incompatible and desperately irreconcilable. The People of Light wanted their freedom and The People of Darkness wanted nothing less than plunder and chaos. War, fearsome civil war, was inevitable. And when the horror of the struggle swept through the land, it was a war of deep principles and fervent passion. So great was the disruption that there fell a catastrophic and terrible curse the tore the world in two and opened the power of The Well of Souls. For The People of Light and The People of Darkness this was the price of destiny. And destiny required payment.