What drove the creation of The Well of Souls?

This boardgame was produced on a passion for freedom. This passion is the same as the one that founded the United States of America and the principle it was created on. A principle based on individual freedom; the only principle that can unite a common people. And out of this God inspired environment, which was manifested by human beings who paid the price of blood, came the greatness of all who chose to pursue it. The Fultons, Morses and Edisons, who, by the nature they chose, and the struggles they encountered, took virtue rather than vice, and victory rather than defeat, and in doing provided endless benefits for all.

It took years to put this game together and to solve difficult problems, like the balance of power and enforcement of penalties, to manage and maintain a minimum level of excitement, and actually introduce into the game a motivation to face your enemies. The board game took on innovations, such as, the addition of a second level to the game by the insertion of a middle board game piece that contains The Well of Souls beginning the end game. And the introduction of board game space cages to detain one’s opponents and to provide creative folklore to provide the viewer an atmosphere of visual, as well as abstract art, during play.