Game Introduction

  • The Well of Souls® is an easy to play roll and move boardgame. The play involves a combination of personal decisions and luck. Each player’s character has an archenemy and the game involves challenges between opposing players. The object is to unlock trapped kindred souls from the dungeons and

  • to destroy the opposition’s sacred book, beginning the Day of Judgment. Throughout your mission show downs between opposing players will occur and throughout your journey you will find opportunities and adversities. An average game takes about 2 hours. Two or four players are required.

Expose the Well of Souls and fight for what you believe in.

The Journey

Journey into the unnatural land of your opponent to compete to manifest your destiny. Along the way encounter fortune, misfortune, and circumstances that will challenge your character. You must decide. Will you take victory or defeat?


Acquire each of your opposing player’s domicile keys to unlock and capture their sacred book breaking the Great Curse set upon your people empowering yourself and your partner, and opening the Well of Souls.

The Well of Souls

Fight for the principles you believe in, enter the Well of Souls to unlock the imprisoned souls of your ancestors and institute your principles, virtue or vice, as society’s norm.

The Altar

Return to your Altar with your opposition’s sacred book. In tribute of your principles ruling the day, declare victory at your Altar by destroying your opposition’s Sacred Book there. Or, endure defeat and the Day of Judgment.