Cling to the light or embrace the darkness.

A struggle for a noble cause—our destiny. It leads in two possible directions. Each direction is based on a principle irreconcilable with the other. One is freedom and all the benefits generated from it. The other is righteous plunder and all it provides.

Who Will You Be?

  • Haley

    The Holy Man

    “It is freedom that we choose and it is freedom that unites us.”

  • Hunter

    The Hunter

    “Seeing the great achievement of another is an inspiration to greatness in oneself.”

  • Warage

    The Werewolf

    “Indiscriminate killing and mutilating enemies instills fear. Capturing and torturing them instills an even greater fear.”

  • Vamar

    The Vampire

    “It was inhumane for them to leave us and war against them was justified.”

Get the
  • Capture the opposition’s sacred book, release the souls of one’s captive ancestors, and then destroy the captured book at one’s altar. While your journey takes you through dangerous territories you must arise to meet its
  • challenges assembling your defeat all while escaping the control of your nemesis. Enter The Well of Souls, free those who paid the price of blood and arise to victory to establish your principles as the doctrine of the world.

April 6, 2014

The Well of Souls (The Final Arbiter of Destiny) - Introduction: The Origin

Check out the blog and novel, The Well of Souls, as it is completed and updates are posted online. Where do you stand in The Struggle of life? Eight initial chapters have been provided now and each month more will be posted until it is finished. Can you handle the provocation? Check it out and see. Keep checking, as what you see may not be what you think.